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Posted by andycarpen on July 2, 2007

My complaints to MTML Services.

I’ve been using the services of these guy’s there since January. Since then, these people there have been messing and constantly fooling me. I’ve got so many problems with them that i had to go to ACIM to lodge a complaint about them. I have already sent a letter of six full pages to the ICTA to complain about the lack of responsibility and profesionalism of the people working there.

Really man!! think a thousand times before using any services there. .. .

What do you think about MTML. What about the customer service?? Is anyone of you having problems with them??????


13 Responses to “MTML”

  1. yashvin said

    dimoune reste plaigner meme, ziska Etech LOL

    ta pu ene premier post to ti cpv ekrire something nice!

    anyway, will link u from my blog n add my link here too…
    n will add this post on my blog, to let others know that none of the ISP is the best…


  2. Starkiss*** said

    ooops… i thought MTML services was very good..
    now got to know :O

    not using.. and i guess wont be using… 😛

  3. JT said

    MyT powerr:p

  4. viccks said

    Hey if you are getting so many problems why don’t you change??
    Is there a contract or something?

    Am still waiting for their ADSL by the way 😦

  5. andycarpen said

    Thank you guys for posting your comments.
    Really sorry that i took so much time to moderate your comments. It’s because I had to connect through the telco dial up because of these MTML fools.
    So, as it can be seen, I didn’t actually mention anything about the problems that I had with them. This is because it would have been too boring to tell you all at the same time. Also, as I said before, I sent a letter of 6 pages to the ICTA as complaints. One thing that you might be thinking may be that “He doesn’t like to pay his bills. He just wanna find a story to that”. But no, if I sign and pay the bills then complain about this for a refund (as the salesman usually say) then even the law will not be by my side.

    First part of the letter that I sent to the ICTA for the MTML Complaints.

    Firstly, before tackling the main problem I would like to mention about the lack of competence of the MTML customer care and technical departments. I started to use MTML services on the 18/01/2007. Since that moment, I started to have a problem with one of their service. The problem was that the “Call Divert Service” was not working right. Only some phone calls were diverted and others, mainly “Mauritius Telecom phone numbers”, were not diverted. When I complained about this service, I was really surprised about the response that I had from them. Below are the main points of the conversation that I had with them on.

    The technician there asked me to tell all people who are using these Mauritius Telecom phone numbers to call to the “Mauritius Telecom Customer Service” to complain about this problem.

    Actually I have enabled this service because I will not always be at the office and so this service was quite important. Furthermore, it is really unfair for me to tell all my customers to check out with Mauritius Telecom so that their calls can be diverted on my mobile phone. I constantly complained about that problem and the technician there was always saying that the system was working fine.

    I have spent five whole days trying to find a solution for this problem. It was only on the 5th day when I told one of the managers there that “I am getting sick of you guys now. I’m going to come there and leave your damn phone in front of your door steps at Port-Louis”. It’s then that they paid attention to what I was saying all these days and tried to find a solution for the problem. Then I spent seven hours with an Indian technician on the phone. Then he actually found that there was a problem on their system and corrected it.

    What ya say about this????????

  6. Kunal said

    Yo macro,
    Ki rol? passe sa telephone la dans dithé buit, tout pou korek apres sa… si to encore p gagne problem, pas paye zotte!!! Avoye zotte ene grand ferfoute kuma mo ti fer. To fer moi gagne honter, apres tout sa temps ki to kone moi la, to pas ti capav servi mo banne techniques?? hein??!

    Sa banne 35 ki zotte metter dans banne customer service la, ene zournee nek zot assizer kuma banne poules zotte fer pak pak pak pak ene zournee!! Zotte pou avoye toi ferfoute meme… Pak pak la plus important pou zotte! Sa bizin tackle banne managers la meme sinon bezer. Tout sa time mo ti dans mauritius la, zamais mo ti trouve ene bon customer service!!! tout les temps ti bizin gette manager/supervisor etc…

    Enfin, bonne chance! Hey miss u all here, mo p rappele banne bon moments nous ti passer ensam la… lol meme at UoM haha! Nice blog, nice entry aussi… haha! Sinon travail ki dire? mo tende dire to p vine mari busy tout? seryer alors… keep it up


  7. yashvin said

    wat we say?


  8. vicks said

    as yashvin said 🙂

    lol mais ki pou fer.. Kas zotte F**** aza 🙂

  9. andycarpen said

    Reply to vics

    Hey, if i quit, i will lose the phone number which i can’t afford. That number is on every business card which i’ve already distributed, website also the bank accounts are registered with that phone number.. This is why i’m stuck

  10. andycarpen said

    Reply to kunal

    Thank you kunal for your nice entry, “Macro”. Feels nice that i’ve got you friends to post comments on my first post. Actually ur right when saying that one should meet the managers and complain directly to them. But in this case, the managers themselves are damn. This is why i’ve lost hope and went directly to the ICTA. They are really messing with me. I’ll send the second part of the letter. Hope that this will not bore you guys. I really got fed up with them with no hope left.

  11. Moi mo servi MTML , malheuresement , coz li pena adsl devil devil , so dial up pas mal, mo gne 1 download speed 10 Kbps on average….pu surf si li pa mal…sel problem li dial up ek li bill toi par minute q mari mari mari bom….

    MTML ( the supposedly giant telecom of india ) mo pa trouve li p fer poids contre MT, le vrai “Giant” dan moris!!! zot service telephonie mari bon, qualite mari top…………………..however?…
    …..nanier parfait….. so service clientelle mari dan bez devil , zot fer kumadir zot pli coner, nek kan to koz ban kozer empe technique…zot ” gaga” LOL! w00t + so billing mari dan bez encore…1 tas erreur….

    b selma mne decouvert 1 ban cheat ou tweak lor telephone la, apre nou get sa!! whistle sleeping

    ein pankor fini la….p rapel encore bne problems…….
    …..quand ti ena cyclone gamede…pli ti gne connection pendant plis q 15 jours……ek sa bne figir q travail la bas la… mo 2man moi si zot con check zot mail???? mne bombard zot r complaints sans oken reponse!!!!!

  12. chervine said

    Anyone know when MTML will launch ADSL??

  13. chervine said

    anybody know when MTML will launch ADSL??

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